“They say it’s your Birthday”


Hi, All  It’s been a while. I had a bit of writer’s block. I’m trying to get through by writing now.

I have been working some brioche lately. The brown one is “Alex” Nancy Marchant, the other is Brioche Memories by Valerie Ng. These have been in my WIP pile forever. Don’t worry there’s plenty more where these came from. I spin and dye during the day & work on WIP’s at night.


I have been doing a lot of spinning and dyeing. mixing fibers together looking for those perfect mixes.  The Red is just a little tease of what’s coming out soon. And don’t tell my boss, but I dyed a skein for myself too!

I still haven’t seen any comments on this site. People comment on my Facebook page or in our group. But never here. If there is a problem with the software could someone let me know? So I can fix it.

Oh yeah, did I tell you, we have a Homespun Dreams Group on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/757667784688069/   It’s kind of a fluffy stuff group, but we include all crafters/ makers to join. We do not discuss business Unless the group decides otherwise. Most of us are shop owners. But we are just forming and are always inviting people to join. You don’t have to have a shop, you don’t have to love yarn, It’s just a place for people to show things they are working on. Ask questions, answer questions. give advice.

Today is my birthday, it’s weird when your older (senior citizen) Birthdays can be a little depressing. I usually get started the day before, and it goes till the day after. I can’t explain it, my brain has no words. All I can call it is birthday blues. Do any of you get it? Or is it just me?

All in all, we are gearing up for Halloween. I have a couple of skeins that are kinda Halloween.

But I’m working on something that will be released as a group very soon. Hope everyone is well. And always remember:

Stay positive it works!

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