Pain of Daily Life

Well, Hi everyone! I had to put my money where my mouth is today!

I had a Doctors appointment, and I don’t drive anymore. So I was taking the medical bus. Usually, when I’m leaving the house, I have this mantra I do so I remember to bring the things I need with me. I guess I’m going to have to add to it now. I forgot my med’s!

At least I had my knitting, I can now tell you honestly this stuff does work. In the time I was gone I missed 3 med’s. Two were for Arthritis and Bone pain, one was for nerve pain. I have to say I got a lot more knitting done then I usually do.

But it worked, it really worked! I just knit my way through it. I’m not saying my pain went away, I’m saying it was easier to get through. You know how when you think about something constantly, it seems worse than it is. Well that’s sort of what happened. Instead of concentrating on my pain and making it hurt more, I was able to concentrate on my knitting instead. It was just a simple sock. I think I am definitely on to something here.

Wouldn’t it be great if a doctor could prescribe a hobby instead of a drug as their first choice. Think about it, think it through. Instead of the drug companies and insurance companies making all the money. It would eventually filter down to the Farmers and Shepard’s. Yarn companies would be influencing congress, cool.

I always say when you dream, dream big. Stay positive and work towards a goal.

In my next blog I will be finishing up my information from Hobby Therapy. I will be moving on to Color Therapy next. From what I’ve read, colors affect your moods. As a matter of fact, they use light therapy too.

Alright, the pain killers are starting work so I’m going to go lay down. Have a great day everyone, and remember to be positive it works.

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