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” Oh what a beautiful Morning”

When I’m sitting at my desk drinking my coffee, I usually look out the window. Now my view is of the sky, because I live in a garden apartment. It looks beatiful. Like it could be a wonderful Spring day. The birds are singing.

Unfortunately, I live in the midwest area. Here it’s still feels like rollercoaster Winter. What I mean by rollercoaster is the temperatures keep going up and down. I bet anyone who’s making one of those temperature Wall hangings has a very colorful one!

I guess that’s the obligatory weather report! I don’t know how the farmers survive around here the growing season is so short. I would love to move south, but my son wants us to move north. I suppose I would get a lot more knitting done. The south would be better for the old artheritis. Any one got any ideas where I can get a couple of acres with an old house and barn on it? (real cheap)

I have some fibers I’m processing right now, but the color did not come out quite the way I wanted it. So I guess I’ll just have to try again. Back to the mixing board! I mix all my colors, for some reason I just don’t like them straight. I always want a little bit more of this or that. There’s my perfectionism showing! I was like that as a painter too! So at least I’m consistant.

Time I got back to work, I guess. So bye for now. launch date is coming up quickly. If you don’t know it’s April 5th. I’ll be blogging along the way though. Hope the weather where you are, is behaving.

Have a beautiful Day! Sharyn

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