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I think I finally got It!

Turns out, the making of a website is really hard for people like me. ( very ADD) There are so many decision that need to be made.

I will never be a web developer!

I been a lot of things and a lot of places in these years. but I have finally found my place.” I dream of a simpler life : a nice piece of Land, with a cute little house. It’s got a wrap around porch, where my rocker sits. It’s got an old red barn full of life, and pastures with sheep and a horse or two grazing.”

I can see it so vividly in my mind. but when I open my eyes it’s not there. I know I will keep searching for it. but,at least in the mean time there is fiber!

I love fiber, all kinds of fiber. I love feeling it and looking at it. I love mixing it with other fibers to get the blend I’m looking for. I love it natural, but I love dyeing it too. I feel like the Mad Scientist– with my gloves, apron, respirator!

When I was a kid in Art Class, I never liked the paint color out of the tube. I always had to mix it with a bit of this or a bit of that before I got to the color I wanted. I’m the same way when I’m dyeing fiber, a bit of this a bit of that. And then

I get to spin it!

There is all kinds of time to think about things when your spinning. First is deciding what your spinning for, thickness or Angelically thin. But I also get another chance to play with the colors within the yarn I’m making. Then as I spin my mind slowly drifts off to my happy little house and my rocker.

One of the side effects of spinning is you end up with a lot of yarn, I have more than I will ever be able to knit or crochet with, left in this lifetime. I’m not planning on going tomorrow or anything, but still. How many blankets, shawls, sweaters, socks, ect… does one person need. And those sheep keep producing more!

So now you see why I finally took the plunge. My son does computer coding and design for a living, I asked him to help me, he said oh no not HTML! Whatever that is, kidding I know what HTML is I just wanted him to do it for me, that’s all.

I hope I finally got this right. Leave me a comment if it is working!


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Why does my head hurt?

With all the websites there are today, I don’t understand what my problem actually is! Is it just that I didn’t grow up on a computer? Or walk around with a cell phone permanently attached to my eyeballs? Start coding(?) in kindergarten! What?

I’m trying to build a website, everyone tells me it’s easy. All the companies that help people build their own website, keep saying how they have made it even easier. Really? Mind you I have seen many knitting patterns that could curl your eye brows. I have had to pass many long hours of failures while learning to spin and dye fiber. Thrown away big gobs of wool that your kids Barbie doll wouldn’t even wrap her pink convertible in. But I will go down in the history of old Ladies for saying, “WEBSITES ARE HARD TO MAKE”!

I’ll keep trying though, and I think, (don’t get your hope’s up) I may finally be getting somewhere. I think the pages are showing up in the right order. Still working on the connections to the different media, comments and the most important thing. Listing the Yarns I’m selling. My first batch is going to be a sort of trial system. I’m invoicing through PayPal until I can afford the next upgrade, next month. Please hold, while I bash my head up against the wall to see if I’m still conscious or not.

Hey, what do you know, I’m still here! Out of all the crazy, dangerous stunts I have pulled in my time, I think this is the worst. But, it’s that next mountain to climb. That next leap of faith, I doubt any of these cell jockeys would know what to do in the middle of the woods with no cell service, HAH!

Okay enough of this ranting, Think positive! I can do this! I just have to figure out the yarn info stuff. How hard can that be? That was rhetorical, don’t answer! Stay positive, if you keep at it long enough it works!